Gadd Online Art Auction – 5 days only!

//Gadd Online Art Auction – 5 days only!

Gadd Online Art Auction – 5 days only!

We need a holiday!

Its been a busy year, so we’re holding a 5-day art auction featuring 40 works by Tess, Anthony and Ann Gadd to sponsor a break!

How it works. We feature 40 paintings. From Thursday Nov. 24 you select the ones you like and email me a bid with the code and title. Close of play on Monday 28 Nov. I check out the highest bidders, email them with an invoice and once POP arrives your (distinctly reduced in price) artwork will be on its way.

Only 40 paintings as per the email form part of the auction ie no galleries etc. If two bids are the highest and equal the first bidder will win.

Click here to view works: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\8RZG9KBB\email.mht


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