Gallery: These are original paintings on stretched cotton canvas.

Medium: All works are acrylic and mixed media, on 100% cotton canvas. All wooden stretchers are generally 36mm deep. You can however customize the depth of the stretcher. 

Sizes: Vary according to theme and your requirements.

Framing: The black ‘boxed’ edges do not require a frame.

Ideas: Have Ann come up with ideas for ewe, or be inspired by these paintings. These works represent a small number of the concepts Ann has painted, but should give you some ideas.

Note: These paintings have been sold, however commissions can be undertaken to the size you require or to a subject specific to your interests or business. The examples featured represent only a selection of over 1,000 ideas across a wide range of subjects that I have painted.

Sizes can range from 20cmm x 20cmm up to 3m+.

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