Bottom Line – print. Ready-to-hang block-mounted print, is a weather report we’re all wanting to hear!

Artist Ann Gadd has come up with a range of  more than 60 prints derived from her famous “sheep” paintings. The fun 20x20cm ready-to-hang images liven and lighten up any office, home or home office. Themes relate to business, finance, IT, (Tech industry) wine, booze, (e.g. ‘Bottom Line print’ ) sport and general themes such as “Friendsheep.” So pick your fun flock.

Back in 2003 Ann painted her first sheep painting. The idea of fun art for homes and offices took off and was followed by a commission for 226 paintings for the Absolut Hotel in Ireland. Since then Ann has created paintings for offices and homes globally.

Ann’s paintings and prints ship worldwide. As a result they hang in countries as far away as Vietnam and the Ewe.S.A. Each painting is on a stretched canvas with a wooden stretcher, but can be rolled to reduce international shipping costs

If you’ve got a specific idea or need a painting that relates to ewe or your business, or perhaps a ewenique wedding or birthday gift, ewe can contact Ann to inquire about a commission. Commissions typically take 2-3 weeks from the deposit payment.

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