Hi Ewe!

I’m Ann Gadd, a South African artist who paints funny sheep, wildlife and dogs, (but mostly sheep). I create art with a smile, (which is a great way to live)!

Every day I think up new ideas for paintings. Art for Ewe is a gallery of my sheep/ewe series of art. (The paintings are for sale here, as well as at a number of other galleries or visit my studio to see my work. There are also sheep prints, mugs, coasters and a whole lot of other items. The on-line gallery showcasing some of my past work, doesn’t show every painting I’ve ever painted, but it does give you an idea of what the sheep can do for ewe! Since the first sheep/ewe painting in 2001, my art has have flocked off from South Africa across the globe and has featured in numerous art exhibitions, (for which I thank-ewe). The products and paintings ship worldwide. 

To get information on my books, workshops etc. go to www.anngadd.co.za

The paintings are affordable and great for the corporate world or your home. They also make original, personalised gifts for special occasions, from the tiniest 20cmx20cm painting to a substantial 3mx2m. There are paintings for sale online or you can commission me to paint something to suite you or your business.

Ewe can also buy prints, books, greeting cards and other fun items derived from my art, and these, together with the paintings,can be shipped worldwide.

Have some fun and browse my online ‘sheep’ gallery!

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