Page size: 128 x 198mm ISBN: 978-0-620-43184-2 Number of pages: 64 “The Ambitious Sheep is a pocket guide to success and happiness. Probably the most concise and memorable journey through the maze of self-help books out there, it offers humorous, yet powerful inspiration to take control of your life and achieve success.The easy-to-implement methodology is designed to ensure an enjoyable journey.” – Leon Vermaak, CEO of Telesure Read more: Without integrity at the helm of a company, the company’s chance of success is slight and most often short-lived. However, while C.E.O.’s use the word liberally with respect to their businesses; few place any importance on employees’ personal integrity as the path to individual and thereby group/corporate success. Yet it’s clear that successful individuals make for successful companies. The allegory centers around three sheep. Whilst the rest of the flock discusses the latest results on the stock market, Daa, Baa and Aahaa decide to look for greener pastures. Finding a ladder, the three are inspired to climb to the top to where they perceive their success (in whatever form they perceive it to be,) lies.