Sheep paintings at Koks 2-star Michelin restaurant

Where is Koks restaurant? Adrift in the North Atlantic sea, the Faroe Islands  are about 320 km north of Scotland and 1 126km from Denmark. So basically, in the middle of bloody nowhere. ("Faroe" translates as "sheep islands" from Norse.) For those readers who enjoy numbers, there are 50 000 [...]

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Fast Company magazine comes to SA (for ewe)!

Ann Gadd is a South African artist who "creates art with a smile". Since her first sheep/ewe painting in 2001, the art has flocked off from South Africa across the globe and has featured in numerous art exhibitions. Fast Company Magazine has just launched in South Africa since its start in the USA.

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Hewesain Bolt Sheep!

The fastest sheep on record is a Friesland milking sheep claim the Big Sheep Entertainment Park in Bideford, Devon. According to them, the sheep covered 200 metres in 17 seconds (Usain's fastest speed is 19.19). The sheep is fit, as races are run daily. Hows that for ewe?

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New Art Movement – Baabaaism

Baabaaism is a 21st century art movement, characterized by its emphasis on ruminants, (specifically sheep), in art. The movement was a protest against the conformism in art and a rejection of the prevailing subjects of Arniston cottages and badly painted seascapes. The name of the style derives from the sound a sheep makes on seeing [...]

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A flock of sheep?

Artist Judith Hopf's pastoral scene with the orbit of the sun represented in the background images with a single black branch (made of bronze) above them. The scene can apparently be interpreted as a parody on the traditional pastoral scene so popular during the Baroque period. (We used to have one hanging in our old [...]

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Art – got the shirt!

 If ever you believed that artists spend most of their time lazing around contemplating life/the universe, in my case its not true. Whilst I do contemplate those and other issues art for me is hard work - most weekends will find me at the studio and many nights too. This shirt got to be like it is from [...]

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Shrek the elusive sheep

Shrek was a Merino wether belonging to Bendigo Station, a sheep station near Tarras, New Zealand, who gained international fame in 2004 after he avoided being caught and shorn for six years. (Wikipedia) Alas Shrek the sheep died last year, but his fame lives on!

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Sark sheep racing

  Sark island, home to the annual sheep racing event, where just as in horse racing, locals dress up in their finery, champagne is served and bets are placed on various sheep contendors. This year I was commissioned  by local resident, Duncan Spence to paint a picture of the event which was subsequently auctioned off.

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